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  • pwood78
    Oct 1, 2002

      > That makes sense then. I'd add that I noticed a prefab aggregate
      > hut further down the route in VA on 301 near AP Hill; the AT&T arrow
      > markers on both north and southbound sides on 301 seem to be
      > decades old but the hut newer. It is a replica of the hut Albert
      > had pointed out in Waldorf; at that location older "arrows" exist
      > also. Likely both were put in about the time fiber was installed,
      > from my recollection. However, whereas the Waldorf hut was
      > abandoned (as one would expect if the line were diverted to Waldorf
      > AT&T upon turndown of MW), this hut appeared operational.

      Never seen one near Ft. A.P. Hill, is that the part of 301
      that goes through the fort? Hope not. I have seen three off 301/2 in
      the Caroline Co. along with a maintence facility. Also seen one in
      Henrico Co. near Richmond City limits.

      The most visible one is near the KOA Campground before Bowling
      Green town limits. Almost directly west of the hut (very visible!)
      concealed by some trees and accessed from a local road not 301, is a
      maintence facility. Piles of route markers (including a CONTEL marker
      for some reason) and unmarked mobile generators and hefty grey cinder
      block building. Big AT&T silver pad lock on fence among others.
      Maintence address is roughly 17355 Gravatt Rd., N. bound 301 hut ID is

      The other hut is further south from A.P. Hill/Bowling Green
      and located near the intersection of 301/Froglevel Rd. Hut ID FFT13S.
      Rough address 16300 Froglevel Rd. It is off the intersection but not
      near it if that makes sense (you'd have to look at the roads on a
      map). Very visible and very accessable. The third hut, ID FFT14S, is
      much closer to the Hanover Co. line and is very difficult to see from
      301/2. FFT17S is in Henrico Co. I could not tell if these huts where
      active as none seemed to have power meters, although some did have
      little green transformer boxes near by making humming sounds.

      Speaking of route location there is a similar hut near the
      access road to the Buckingham Troposcatter site. I presume its an
      extension of the Dillwyn microwave tower/pop with an ID of DFT1S.

      Parris Wood
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