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3102[OT] Northern Delaware question

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  • Chris Ness
    Feb 9, 2002
      When I was a kid in the fifties I spent my Summers near Betterton, MD. When
      we would swim in the Chesapeake, we would live for the wakes from the ships
      that would go by - they gave us surf. They were coming from and going to the
      Delaware bay in the North through the ship canal. It seemed like there was at
      least one every 10 minutes of the day or night. A lot of them obviously were
      converted T-3s and Liberty ships. This was the days before supertankers and
      container ships. The Philadelphia and NYC riversides were
      shoulder-to-shoulder docks. So there were a lot of ships. But now the ships
      are huge and it doesn't take as many. My question is, do any ships still use
      the ship canal? Or is it just pleasure craft now? As I remember the bridges
      and electric lines were extremely high, but I think of the canal as fairly

      Chris Ness
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