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3101Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: Another AT&T tariff

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  • Chris Ness
    Feb 9, 2002
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      On February 8, 2002 11:49 pm, you wrote:
      > Just so you know, most ANG bases are away from Air Force bases. The
      > Reserves usually share a base with the active duty guys. Considering the
      > Guard belongs to the states, they like to have their own facilities. They
      > pay for them...
      Thanks, that was what I missed was the ANG in the first message. When I was a
      kid in the fifties is was an active AFB. As we drove down Rte 13 each summer
      my face would be pressed to the window to see it all. The busiest runway was
      a kid's delight -landings right across the road.
      Which brings us full circle to the tariff. Why would they spend the big bucks
      specified in the tariff on Site R to an NG base? Must be something else. Has
      to be a coincidence.

      Chris Ness
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