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29098Littleton to Boston L3 Route

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  • Tom G
    Dec 2, 2013
      An interesting find in the Lexington, Massachusetts Board of Selectmen's meeting minutes from 1974.

      For some time now, I have been trying to locate the transcontinental cable route markers along the Littleton to Boston route. The last marker that can be found is located on a telephone pole at the junction of Lexington Road and Route 2A in Lincoln. Having scoured the roads in all directions east of that location, I was beginning to resign myself to the possibility that the markers may have been long removed. These minutes suggest that the cable was transported in the conduit systems of the local Bell operating company.


      Still not sure if this route actually went to Boston or if it went to a large AT&T facility that is located in East Cambridge at the intersection of Fifth and Bent Streets.

      The locations discussed effectively bring the route to the east side of Lexington. No earlier records could be found discussing activities by AT&T or New England Telephone from the mid 1960's when the route would have been originally constructed. This might suggest that the route used the existing conduit system and hence, possibly not requiring local approvals.

      Now to search the Arlington archives to see if anything turns up there.

      Tom, N1JQB
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