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28709RE: RE: [coldwarcomms] FCC/CIA monitoring station - Millis, MA

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    Oct 6, 2013
      Google is your friend:



      If you go to Historic Aerials (Dover Rd opposite King Phillip) the Transmitter building can be seen from about 1957 through 1995)  Appears to been demolished post 95.


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      Back in my elementary school days in Concord, MA, we had to take some sort of government form home to have our parents fill out. As  part of that, there was a list of entities that would qualify the school for federal aid if the child of an eligible government employee was in that school. I remember, since I was already into radio, that one of the listed entities was the FCC Millis Monitoring Station. This was in the mid 60’s so Millis must have been alive back then as well.




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      While researching FCC HFDF sites I noticed several of them were used by the CIA during WW2.  Of interest to me is that there was a FCC Monitoring Station in Millis, MA that was used during WW2 to intercept German Comms.  Anyone have a fix on the Millis location?

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