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28502RE: [coldwarcomms] Project Office Conspiracies

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  • Blake Bowers
    Sep 6, 2013

      Spookish?  The small portion I am aware of there is nothing spookish.  Just a lot of older gear, analog and early digital stuff.  Older switches are gone, they had value at one point and where removed.  Stuff from the 60’s to the 80’s has been researched and rip’d in quanity.

      Remember, AT&T built these for survivability, that was their intent. 




      > They are definitely in use - but even walking through them you really
      > know what for. I suspect nothing more sinister in most cases than data
      > storage, fiber junctions, etc. Space is beginning to be back at a premium,
      > so they are removing rooms full or RIP'd equipment.

      While this might indeed be asking *WAY* too much on a public list,
      can you in any way comment on what the RIP'd equipment being removed
      is and from what era ? Switches ? Antique analog mux gear ?, Early
      digital cross connect gear ? Old network monitoring gear ?

      Stuff from the 70/80s or post 2000 ?

      And how much of it is *ahem* obviously spookish (eg Narus DPI boxes)
      ... versus all the ordinary stuff you'd expect in a network hub...

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