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28499Re: [coldwarcomms] Project Office Conspiracies

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  • David I. Emery
    Sep 5, 2013
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      On Wed, Sep 04, 2013 at 11:50:16PM -0500, Blake Bowers wrote:
      > The sites that have been kept will most likely be kept forever. They do
      > have specific missions, and are still AT&T facilities, staffed primarily by
      > AT&T employees. Vendors are escorted to their specific areas, interior
      > doors are locked, and someone stays with vendors every bit of the time they
      > are there. No cell phones, no recorders, no cameras (unless that is what
      > you are there to do, as in take pictures of old equipment)
      > They will take a peek at your pictures when you leave.
      > They are definitely in use - but even walking through them you really don't
      > know what for. I suspect nothing more sinister in most cases than data
      > storage, fiber junctions, etc. Space is beginning to be back at a premium,
      > so they are removing rooms full or RIP'd equipment.

      While this might indeed be asking *WAY* too much on a public list,
      can you in any way comment on what the RIP'd equipment being removed
      is and from what era ? Switches ? Antique analog mux gear ?, Early
      digital cross connect gear ? Old network monitoring gear ?

      Stuff from the 70/80s or post 2000 ?

      And how much of it is *ahem* obviously spookish (eg Narus DPI boxes)
      ... versus all the ordinary stuff you'd expect in a network hub...

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