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28494RE: [coldwarcomms] Project Office Conspiracies

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  • Blake Bowers
    Sep 4, 2013

      The sites that have been kept will most likely be kept forever.  They do have specific missions, and are still AT&T facilities, staffed primarily by AT&T employees.  Vendors are escorted to their specific areas, interior doors are locked, and someone stays with vendors every bit of the time they are there.  No cell phones, no recorders, no cameras (unless that is what you are there to do, as in take pictures of old equipment)


      They will take a peek at your pictures when you leave.


      They are definitely in use – but even walking through them you really don’t know what for.  I suspect nothing more sinister in most cases than data storage, fiber junctions, etc.  Space is beginning to be back at a premium, so they are removing rooms full or RIP’d equipment.




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      When the one (not awake yet so the "name" escapes me) got a new Deathstar 
      helipad paint job; and I casually mentioned to a friend Inside, he 
      immediately said "No Comment."


      And this is an example of exactly what I don't understand: AT&T is so very hush-hush over these facilities yet at least one is closed and sold off, what is known of the others indicates they're outdated and probably of little current use, but all the same some have upgrades including a helipad that broadcasts loud and clear to anyone in the air "look at this AT&T facility on a mountaintop!!!". Folks, it's just very . . . strange.


      Not X-Files strange, but more like Kafka strange.


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