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28487RE: [coldwarcomms] Project Office Conspiracies

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  • Mike Cowen
    Sep 4, 2013
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      As to nose thumbing, I would have found it more tongue-in-cheek if they had painted a bull's eye or crosshairs on the helipad, without revealing any corporate ownership of the site.  It's probably safe to assume those coordinates are on some "other's" list, if they don't also have building blueprints to match.


      At 01:43 PM 9/4/2013, you wrote:

      Nothing at all strange – remember, it’s probably “Government Work”. When it’s black budget, they can’t spend it fast enough. Other People’s Money.


      And the Deathstar on the helipad might just be their funny little corporate way of thumbing their noses at the Other’s recon birds and the Google Earth fanboys, “nya, nya, nya, guess what we’re doing here…”. Gr




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      Mike, over the years, you just don't seem to be... evolving... much here.


        It's great that you claim not to understand their past or current missions, but then you have the audacity to make statements like "what is known of the others indicates they're outdated and probably of little current use..."   I assert that your chronic confusion about them is of your own making or deficiency.


      AT&T is "hush-hush" over them because any release of information about the sites besides a very basic statement of their existence needs to either come from the AT&T customer, and/or the organization that operates one or more of the sites, under AT&T cover, and any wonderment by us isn't exactly compelling enough to cause official information to be released.

      On Wednesday, September 4, 2013, Mike Walker wrote:


      When the one (not awake yet so the "name" escapes me) got a new Deathstar
      helipad paint job; and I casually mentioned to a friend Inside, he
      immediately said "No Comment."


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