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279Re: Federal Support Center

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Jun 4, 1999
      >In the 1980s, that gate was usually left open during daytime hours.

      The gate is rather rickety-looking. Only the left half (closest to the
      phone/badge reader) is motorized. Maybe the automation is a recent
      addition, to cut labor costs by eliminating the guard in the gatehouse.

      >> One entrance to the bunker is visible in the distance. It consists of
      >> concrete wall with a normal-looking double metal door, flanked by two
      >> walls holding back the earth.
      > That's the loading dock area. I seem to recall the power plant being
      >located nearby inside, with a couple big diesel generators.

      That would make sense, putting the big, heavy equipment near a
      truck-accessible ground-level entrance.

      > Yes, main parking lot & helipad (just a painted LZ marking) are atop

      I think that's the case at the Dranesville and Monrovia AT&T facilities.
      As a general note, I'll bet there was a lot of sharing of bunker design
      ideas among AT&T and government engineers, and I wouldn't be surprised to
      see many similarities in the structures.

      > Somewhere, I have photos of sheep and/or horses grazing on the
      >right next to some of the pop-up HF pyramids.

      I'll post a picture of the possible donkey/mule/burro sometime. Maybe
      someone has knowledge of this type of animal and can ID it (or at least say
      like they do in sci-fi movies: "Whatever it is, it's not from this

      > Attached is a photo of the entrance gate, taken last year. The
      >is for your personal use only.

      That's exactly how it looked last week.

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