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27828Re: [coldwarcomms] Mallard Communications Project

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  • Mike Cowen
    May 26, 2013
      An interesting concept. It's interesting to note
      the cancellation date is about the time ARPANET
      went online, and that we're most likely using its
      non-secure successor right now. The notion of
      1-5Mb/s global links must have been jaw dropping
      in 1969 - especially considering what we've
      previously discussed here of NASA's network, and
      what it took to get a fraction of that bandwidth
      in the same era (granted this study was for a post 1975 system).


      At 11:31 AM 5/26/2013, you wrote:
      >A multi national comms network from the 1960's & cancelled about 1970.
      >Here is one of the few websites with any detail:

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