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27416Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: SF6 and power down the coax

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  • David
    Apr 7, 2013
      On 4/5/13 6:34 PM, Robert Getsla wrote:

      > The cable center conductor becomes hot from I squared R heating due to
      > the low frequency current passing through it (powering remote amplifiers
      > distributed along the cable).

      The recently mention BSP notes 0.270's coax's center conductor was 10.2
      ohms per mile, and 0.375 was half that.

      So on L4, I^2R loss was 0.014 watts/mile per tube. On a 150 mile segment,
      there would be 400v of IR drop, and ?74 or is it 75? repeaters at 24vdc
      drop [if all 3 repeater types had that voltage Zener..] or 1800V; for a
      total power segment drop of ~~2200V.
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