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  • Blake Bowers
    Apr 4, 2013
      I have not seen mentioned on the IN sites, and maybe I just missed it, the
      Shelburn IN site, now being owned by the same folks who own TerraVivos - and
      is marketed by Terravivos.


      If they do manage to fit 80 people in this small power feed station, my hat
      is off to them, and I hope they have a LOT of deodorant. LOTS.

      This is smaller than power feed sites like Paris MO, Polo MO, and the ones
      in Kansas. One large room, with the smaller rooms along it for the
      mechanical. One smaller generator.


      Are my pictures of the site.


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      > On 4/2/13 12:15 AM, cpe122 wrote:
      > > Check the Indiana (L-5) properties...
      > AT&T bought the Butler Power Feed Underground on/before 5/27/1969
      > from Thomas H Nelson, 3.58 acres, parcel 04-03-34-400-005
      > Tax address is 900 Chestnut St. St Louis; I guess Ms. Cheeks in Atlanta is

      > above-ground only. No idea what the taxes are.
      > Thanks to the DeKalb county auditor and recorder for this.
      > So two years after deploying L4, and well before field-testing L5; they
      > already were buying property for it?!?

      It's common to option land in advance, 3+? years seems a tad excessive
      though(!). Great work.


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