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27159Re: Interview with Greenbrier Bunker's First Manager

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  • ajbtelecom
    Mar 2 10:59 AM
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      David, that is a valid point. [Sorry, I was mostly just beating my dead horse, viz "too many chiefs, etc."]

      It seems logical that the design, build, and even operation of the physical plant itself would fall to the Army and the Corps Of Engineers. But based on this, and some other accounts, they even handled things like devising shell companies for cover. In all of the stuff I have read about the Greenbrier over the years, no specific agency other than the Army has ever been mentioned, just "Government Employees," and "Officials."

      Jim Bennett
      Speaking from a secure undisclosed location.

      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, David <wb8foz@...> wrote:
      > On 3/1/13 7:56 AM, ajbtelecom wrote:
      > >> How did the Army fit into all of this??
      > > ...the short answer is that back in the day, when something needed to be
      > > done involving Defense, COG, etc., the task was often assigned to people
      > > with the necessary experience and qualifications, i.e., the Military.
      > > For some strange reason, they felt this was the best approach.
      > >
      > My point was we know the Greenbriar project was run separately from
      > Executive parts of COG. It struck me as strange to then have the 900 lb
      > gorilla of the Army vs. oh, the Agency, in that task.
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