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27138Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: (was new to group) Now: N2 carrier along US 90 - LA, MS

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  • Mike Cowen
    Feb 28, 2013
      Not too cryptic. "Regen" is simply a fiber
      repeater. The "#9" is interesting. Where are
      the "others", given the throw on a fiber segment
      is MUCH farther than on any cable/microwave hop?


      At 09:26 PM 2/27/2013, you wrote:
      >Here are the sites I have located on the New
      >Orleans-Picayune segment of the New
      >Orleans-Hattiesburg cable route. Kudos to Mike Z
      >for identifying several of the huts deployed
      >along US90 between New Orleans and the LA/MS border.
      >New Orleans Main (29°56'58.09"N, 90° 4'22.56"W)
      >Hut #1 (30° 0'39.33"N, 90° 0'32.70"W)
      >Hut #2 (30° 2'26.36"N, 89°53'51.94"W)
      >Hut #3 (30° 4'1.68"N, 89°48'23.90"W)
      >Hut #4 (30° 8'47.29"N, 89°44'39.97"W)
      >Hut #5 (30°13'46.84"N, 89°40'34.05"W)
      >Hut #6 (30°16'57.28"N, 89°36'19.13"W)
      >Hut #7 (30°23'7.75"N, 89°37'5.69"W)
      >Hut #8 (30°28'50.80"N, 89°39'44.32"W)
      >Picayune (30°34'29.77"N, 89°40'2.93"W)
      >Note that Hut #3, Hut #6, and Picayune are
      >active AT&T sites. In the interest of facility
      >security, I am strongly requesting that these
      >sites are NOT to be documented on any publicly
      >viewed site such as Flikr and
      >described/discussed as such. All three can be
      >viewed using Google Earth Street View, which should suffice.
      >One of my resources provides a somewhat cryptic
      >facility description for Picayune that refers to
      >the site as "Regen #9" hence the hut location
      >numbering used above. There are two additional
      >auxiliary repeater sites along the
      >Picayune-Hattiesburg segment of this route that
      >I have located. Both can be viewed using Google Earth Street View.
      >30°45'38.75"N, 89°35'18.14"W
      >31°14'23.13"N, 89°20'45.79"W
      >My earlier comment/assumption that Huts #1, #2,
      >#4, #5 were perhaps originally deployed as L-1
      >is based on the presence of the modern fiber
      >route ROW markers located at the legacy
      >infrastructure site locations in MS, beginning
      >with Hut #6, indicating the original L-Carrier
      >coaxial ROW had been re-used for fiber route
      >deployment within MS. This is not easily
      >discerned in LA along US90 as I believe the
      >fiber ROW no longer overlays the coaxial ROW,
      >but does become more apparent once the cable
      >route enters MS and turns northward en-route to
      >Hattiesburg at Hut #6, as well as at hut
      >locations found along the Hattiesburg-Jackson
      >route that have a fiber repeater site co-located
      >next to the L-Carrier hut. The auxiliary
      >repeater huts also appear to be of similar
      >construction type along each route segment from
      >New Orleans-Hattiesburg-Jackson-Memphis, at
      >least the ones I have located so far... It is
      >proving much more difficult to find the repeater
      >sites the farther north on the route I have
      >"traveled," particularly along the Jackson-Memphis route.
      >I have been searching the Alcatel/Lucent BSTJ
      >website for journal entries concerning the L1
      >carrier system to help understand the system
      >design as it relates to the repeater facilities.
      >There appears to be two different types of huts
      >deployed along these routes in-line with the
      >main stations. Most references to L1 carrier I
      >have found have been in the L3/L4/L5 carrier
      >system descriptions, but nothing devoted entirely to the L1 carrier.
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      >"cpe122" wrote:
      > >
      > > --- In
      > <mailto:coldwarcomms%40yahoogroups.com>coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com,
      > "rjfrank1@" wrote:
      > > > Mike -
      > > >
      > > :
      > > >
      > > > I have been able to trace the route to
      > "Picayune" (refer to Map #8) including the
      > remaining huts between this site and New
      > Orleans as well as at least two more huts
      > en-route from Picayune to Hattiesburg. I have
      > been tied up with work since Saturday and
      > haven't been able to post this information yet.
      > > >
      > > > RJFrank
      > >
      > > Could you post what you've found when you get
      > a chance, if you haven' posted them under another thread already...
      > > Thanks!
      > > /cpe
      > >

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      and selfless acts of beauty.
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