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27137Re: (was new to group) Now: N2 carrier along US 90 - LA, MS

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  • rjfrank1@ymail.com
    Feb 27, 2013
      Here are the sites I have located on the New Orleans-Picayune segment of the New Orleans-Hattiesburg cable route. Kudos to Mike Z for identifying several of the huts deployed along US90 between New Orleans and the LA/MS border.

      New Orleans Main (29°56'58.09"N, 90° 4'22.56"W)

      Hut #1 (30° 0'39.33"N, 90° 0'32.70"W)

      Hut #2 (30° 2'26.36"N, 89°53'51.94"W)

      Hut #3 (30° 4'1.68"N, 89°48'23.90"W)

      Hut #4 (30° 8'47.29"N, 89°44'39.97"W)

      Hut #5 (30°13'46.84"N, 89°40'34.05"W)

      Hut #6 (30°16'57.28"N, 89°36'19.13"W)

      Hut #7 (30°23'7.75"N, 89°37'5.69"W)

      Hut #8 (30°28'50.80"N, 89°39'44.32"W)

      Picayune (30°34'29.77"N, 89°40'2.93"W)

      Note that Hut #3, Hut #6, and Picayune are active AT&T sites. In the interest of facility security, I am strongly requesting that these sites are NOT to be documented on any publicly viewed site such as Flikr and described/discussed as such. All three can be viewed using Google Earth Street View, which should suffice.

      One of my resources provides a somewhat cryptic facility description for Picayune that refers to the site as "Regen #9" hence the hut location numbering used above. There are two additional auxiliary repeater sites along the Picayune-Hattiesburg segment of this route that I have located. Both can be viewed using Google Earth Street View.

      30°45'38.75"N, 89°35'18.14"W
      31°14'23.13"N, 89°20'45.79"W

      My earlier comment/assumption that Huts #1, #2, #4, #5 were perhaps originally deployed as L-1 is based on the presence of the modern fiber route ROW markers located at the legacy infrastructure site locations in MS, beginning with Hut #6, indicating the original L-Carrier coaxial ROW had been re-used for fiber route deployment within MS. This is not easily discerned in LA along US90 as I believe the fiber ROW no longer overlays the coaxial ROW, but does become more apparent once the cable route enters MS and turns northward en-route to Hattiesburg at Hut #6, as well as at hut locations found along the Hattiesburg-Jackson route that have a fiber repeater site co-located next to the L-Carrier hut. The auxiliary repeater huts also appear to be of similar construction type along each route segment from New Orleans-Hattiesburg-Jackson-Memphis, at least the ones I have located so far... It is proving much more difficult to find the repeater sites the farther north on the route I have "traveled," particularly along the Jackson-Memphis route.

      I have been searching the Alcatel/Lucent BSTJ website for journal entries concerning the L1 carrier system to help understand the system design as it relates to the repeater facilities. There appears to be two different types of huts deployed along these routes in-line with the main stations. Most references to L1 carrier I have found have been in the L3/L4/L5 carrier system descriptions, but nothing devoted entirely to the L1 carrier.


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      > > I have been able to trace the route to "Picayune" (refer to Map #8) including the remaining huts between this site and New Orleans as well as at least two more huts en-route from Picayune to Hattiesburg. I have been tied up with work since Saturday and haven't been able to post this information yet.
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      > Could you post what you've found when you get a chance, if you haven' posted them under another thread already...
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