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27123Re: (was new to group) Now: N2 carrier along US 90 - LA, MS

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  • cpe122
    Feb 27, 2013
      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, "Michael Zaiontz" <mzaiontz@...> wrote:
      > This morning I spent some time going over Google Earth images.
      > Someone pointed out that there must have been a hut near Fort Macomb near 30 04'18.55"N 89 48' 02.56"W. That would be a point 7 miles from each of the other 2 know huts. I can not see any evidence of one there now. I'd give him credit by name for the suggestion but I seem to have lost his email.

      I couldn't put my finger on anything either, but 30 years changes a lot. It's a wonder the first two have survived construction and development pressures. Although I did notice they are quite a ways back from the road; this is a little odd (if only a little).

      > The spacing seems to be 7 miles apart. Having driven US90 from hut #4 into Mississippi and also examining that route on Google Earth, and also the other route, MS 604 up to Picayune, showed no evidence of a hut around the 7 mile point from hut #4, give or take a mile or 2.

      Unfortunately none of the maps I have at my disposal have been helpful. It is a little uncommon for L's (and other LLs) to nicely follow roads unless they are both going to the sample place. I have been wondering if this route left the roadway once it hit higher ground; it would only have to intersect with an accessible road every 7+/- miles (this is normal "routing" for LLs).

      > I'm open to any suggestions. Could these huts have been demolished? If the weather is good tomorrow, which I don't think it will be, I'll drive MS 604 and see what I can see.

      Having one go missing usually makes finding the next one(s) all the harder; but it happens all the time. Road construction, astehetic views from from residences and vandalism are just some of the reasons known to have caused huts to come down. The more derelict they become, the faster they come down. This is one of the reasons I have taken to plotting and photographing as much of this stuff as possible.

      Did you photo hut #5? Could you upload or e-mail me @...; I'd love to see them.

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