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27088Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: (was new to group) Now: N2 carrier along US 90 - LA, MS

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  • Michael Zaiontz
    Feb 22, 2013
      Well, here's what I know so far. I've gone over satellite photos of MS 604 from US90 up to its intersection with MS 607 and MS 607 down to the junction with US90/MS607 and have not seen anything that might look like a repeater hut.

      It seems the general spacing is 7 miles so that would put a hut by Fort Macomb on US90. There is no evidence of one there now. I may plan a field trip to check it out over the weekend if the weather improves. There are lots of public boat launches in the area so there will be no problem with access. Although I do not own a boat. Early satellite photos are too grainy to see something small like a hut. These huts are maybe 6 feet wide and maybe 12 feet long, not very big.

      A close examination of the N2 repeater I found stacked with a bunch of parts outside of the hut overgrown with vines, - I was only able to photo the interior of the hut from a ways off because of debris in the way - has a date code of 2-80. That would seem to indicate the route was operational at least till then. Hurricane Katrina in 05 destroyed one of the huts so sometime between those 2 dates, 1980 and 2005, the line was decommissioned.

      If anyone has firm coordinates of a hut that I missed, I'll drive to check that out. Otherwise it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. I'll spend my time and gas money researching what I already know is there. Or if I really have nothing to do, I'll drive MS604, but I don't expect to find anything.

      My guess is that in Louisiana, AT&T/Bell left the huts to fall apart. In Mississippi, the state made them demolish them as soon as it was clear they were not to be re-used.


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