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27064Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: (was new to group) Now: N2 carrier along US 90 - LA, MS

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  • Michael Zaiontz
    Feb 20, 2013
      This morning I spent some time going over Google Earth images.

      Someone pointed out that there must have been a hut near Fort Macomb near 30 04'18.55"N 89 48' 02.56"W. That would be a point 7 miles from each of the other 2 know huts. I can not see any evidence of one there now. I'd give him credit by name for the suggestion but I seem to have lost his email.

      The spacing seems to be 7 miles apart. Having driven US90 from hut #4 into Mississippi and also examining that route on Google Earth, and also the other route, MS 604 up to Picayune, showed no evidence of a hut around the 7 mile point from hut #4, give or take a mile or 2.

      I'm open to any suggestions. Could these huts have been demolished? If the weather is good tomorrow, which I don't think it will be, I'll drive MS 604 and see what I can see.

      Thanks everyone,

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