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  • OZOB99
    Jun 9, 2012
      Good to know, thanks;you may wish to post this at Commcenter-1 group, lots of Autodin guys there.

      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, "Steve" <lweatherly4@...> wrote:
      > I have been reading the comments on WASHFAX with interest. At DCA in the 77- 79 time period we did develop and demonstrate the ability to send fax (photos and narrative) over AUTODIN. This capability was demonstrated over about an 18-month period to the CINCs by sending them the daily news summary (EARLY BIRD) prepared at the Pentagon. We picked up the news summary early each day (about 5AM East Coast time) and then sent it from DCA Code 532 in Arlington to the CINCs.
      > This automated fax capability over AUTODIN used JANAP 128 formatted messages with the fax data imbedded within the message. Each message was constrained to the AUTODIN maximum message length of 40,000 characters. If multiple messages were needed for the fax being sent, then multiple messages were prepared and sent from the originating terminal. For example, an 8 x 10 photo of a person (head and shoulders) would take from 5 to 6 separate AUTODIN messages. The terminal at the destination would sequence the individual AUTODIN messages into the correct order and the complete fax would be output.
      > AUTODIN was used to provide the store and forward message switching system that could be addressed to multiple addressees in a single fax transmission from the originating terminal.
      > As I recall our fax terminal at DCA associated with this AUTODIN service was comprised of a teletype model 40 interfaced to the AUTODIN switch (ASC) at Andrews AFB. The fully automated interface device was built around an Intel 8080 microprocessor that on one side worked with the fax machine, and on the other with the ASC to include the AUTODIN Mode I protocol. A Communications Center was not required and the originating or destination fax over AUTODIN terminal could be located in the user's operational or office space.
      > At this time we were also demonstrating direct AUTODIN user to user messaging capability using initially either WANG or Model 40-user equipment and a separate microprocessor controlled AUTODIN interface device. Once DCA Cat I, II and III certified, these terminals were used for numerous DSCS and GENSER purposes to include command and control, intell, warning, and administration throughout the government where AUTODIN access was available.
      > Steve Weatherly
      > Hq DCA Code 532
      > Arlington, VA 77-84
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