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  • Daryl R. Gibson
    Oct 15, 2001
      I know of at least one circuit around here where AT&T had a
      connection between two COs and the traffic is carried for
      the local operating company alone. I have seen a couple
      of other sites where that was also the case. One path
      that is still active (at last check) in Utah feeds the
      AT&T POP in Cedar City, Utah, via MW, from the regional
      switch in Salt Lake City. I keep expecting that to go
      to fiber Real Soon Now.


      ozob99@... wrote:
      > --- In coldwarcomms@y..., Paxton Heckman <packy41@y...> wrote:
      > > I will be adding more pics as I get them scanned. They
      > > are located under the PHOTO albums. The first one is
      > > at Glastonbury, CT. This was part of the 1947 MW
      > > project. Does anyone know if AT&T actually used the
      > > small dishes up there? Most of them are pointed almost
      > > in the same directon of the horns. Also of note, this
      > > building still does have its power turned on, and I
      > > did not see any American Tower signs on the building.
      > >
      > > One of the other 1947 sites in CT also still seem to
      > > be owned by AT&T (Bald Hill), and has the power on
      > > (meters were running). Does anyone know what there
      > > purpose may be on such a low capacity network?
      > >
      > > Also another question, did AT&T directly feed local
      > > telco's long distace by mircowave? One of the paths
      > > from Glastonbury went to Windsor Locks. I was talking
      > > to my 911 guy, and he said there still is or was a
      > > dish on the local telco building in town that went to
      > > Glastonbury, but did not know anything more. I was
      > > under the impression that any LD would be by wireline
      > > at least to the local CO.
      > LD to the end(serving central office/class 5) is usually on
      > Bell/Independent wire/cable carrier from the toll center(class 4) or
      > primary center(class 3);however AT&T often fed the LD via
      > Bell/Independent(or joint owned) microwave from an AT&T office/tower
      > to the toll center;and the toll center building included some local
      > exchanges,therefore the final toll carrier could be microwave on an
      > AT&T tower or CO.
      > In some cases years ago with independent companies, the only carrier
      > to the end office was microwave terminating in an AT&T CO.
      > In large cities where the Sectional or Regional Center(class 2 & 1)is
      > co-located in the same building with Bell local exchanges the link
      > between them is simply cable pairs between floors.

      Daryl R. Gibson
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