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  • Paxton Heckman
    Oct 15 9:53 AM
      I will be adding more pics as I get them scanned. They
      are located under the PHOTO albums. The first one is
      at Glastonbury, CT. This was part of the 1947 MW
      project. Does anyone know if AT&T actually used the
      small dishes up there? Most of them are pointed almost
      in the same directon of the horns. Also of note, this
      building still does have its power turned on, and I
      did not see any American Tower signs on the building.

      One of the other 1947 sites in CT also still seem to
      be owned by AT&T (Bald Hill), and has the power on
      (meters were running). Does anyone know what there
      purpose may be on such a low capacity network?

      Also another question, did AT&T directly feed local
      telco's long distace by mircowave? One of the paths
      from Glastonbury went to Windsor Locks. I was talking
      to my 911 guy, and he said there still is or was a
      dish on the local telco building in town that went to
      Glastonbury, but did not know anything more. I was
      under the impression that any LD would be by wireline
      at least to the local CO.

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