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22488RE: [coldwarcomms] Geolocation was Re: Adamsville

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  • Bill
    Feb 1, 2012
      Many towers are listed despite not being required to. Not necessarily near
      airports either. I see it at many of the sites I work at.

      Depending on the actual service, Cellular, PCS or AWS, there are differing
      rules on site locations. PCS and AWS have field strength limits at the
      boundaries of their licenses and can pretty much do what they want for site
      locations. The company I work for uses AWS spectrum and moves and adds sites
      without notifying the FCC. Verizon does have their sites listed, or at least
      the older sites, on their FCC licenses such as KNKA237.

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      On 2/1/12 5:16 PM, Blake Bowers wrote:

      > Like any of them, GIGO. They are only as good as the info in the

      Yes, that's my point.

      a) Cell sites are not in ULS.

      b) Towers under 200 ft are not in ASR [some exceptions, near airports.]

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