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2017Re: US Nuclear War Plan

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  • Mike Makar
    Jul 10, 2001
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      I could not find anything about NRDC releasing the program and data
      files. If they do I will be first in line to get it. Should I see
      any reference to giving access to the program I will post the info.

      From what I gather they are using ARCINFO which will work on a most
      desktops. I think you can get a view version from www.esri.com. So
      most of us would not have problems running it at home. There are
      couple members here that know more about it than I, maybe they will
      post more info.

      Mike Makar

      --- In coldwarcomms@y..., Sailor Skuld <sailorskuld@h...> wrote:
      > Does anybody know if the NRDC has any plans to release the
      > program itself? Would be interesting to try out with your own
      > If the program doesn't need a mainframe system to run that is.
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