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1896Re: Microwave Intercept

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  • ozob99@yahoo.com
    Jun 1, 2001
      --- In coldwarcomms@y..., albertjlafrance@c... wrote:
      > Looking at the maps, I see that the Russian Embassy in DC is located
      > on the Garden City-Beltsville (aka Greenbelt) radio route, and about
      0.2 mi.
      > off the Garden City-Gambrills route.
      > A 1970 Garden City route map is at:
      > I believe Beltsville was associated with NASA's Goddard Space Flight
      > and linked to an earth station there. Gambrills appears to have
      been a
      > junction, with other routes going to Annapolis and to Randallstown,
      MD. The
      > latter, in turn, is linked to other northeast routes.
      > Whether all of this means anything, I don't know.
      > Albert

      AT&T had a central office/testboard at Greenbelt/NASA & a radio
      terminal so your assumption is correct.

      While an embassy afforded more privacy, commercial offices and/or
      hotels near an antenna would have been perfect for portable gear & I
      suspect this was done;perhaps recorded for signal analysis/monitoring
      later in a lab.
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