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18403Re: Triton's Presidential Suite

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  • OZOB99
    Oct 31, 2010
      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, "Allan Bourdius" <allanbourdius@...> wrote:
      > Considering ex-Triton was struck from the NVR in 1986, it's been 21
      > years since the boat could be considered "in reserve".
      > A more likely explanation why the submarine hasn't completed
      > recycling yet is that it is the only nuclear submarine built by the
      > US to have two nuclear reactors. The submarine recycling process for
      > the other boats involves chopping out the entire reactor compartment
      > as a unit, sealing it, and transporting it for eventual burial at the
      > Hanford Reservation. My guess is that the size/mass of the reactor
      > compartment(s) is/are just something they haven't been ready - or
      > eager - to contend with.

      According to the Navy's FY2008/9 budget $35MM allocated for the Triton's reactor compartment disposal & hull recycling.

      BTW, anything new surface in recent years on Triton as a national emergency command post?
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