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17335Re: Nice old article about original NORAD Combat Ops Center

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  • OZOB99
    Jun 30, 2010
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      > I think March was a popular NEACP OL when Reagan was in California,
      > with AF1 usually flying in to NAS Pt Mugu. Plus it would have often had
      > a PACCS plane for 15th AF. I dunno what sort of LOS there was between
      > March & Strawberry Peak, in terms of whether there would have been a GEP
      > right there at March. Obviously they could plug in the land-lines, but
      > even at Offutt AFB the aircraft often burn on MUX while sitting on the
      > ground.

      Strawberry Peak had a link to San Bernadino & Sanbo(telco nick)was probably the serving test center for March with connectivity to the base, either carrier/cable or a MW shot.
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