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17332Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: Nice old article about original NORAD Combat Ops Center

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  • Tim
    Jun 29 3:34 PM
      On 6/29/2010 2:44 PM, OZOB99 wrote:
      > > Nothing on Ent was hardened in a fashion similar to the 8th AF (SAC)
      > COC at the Notch, probably because it was so far inland that hardening
      > it would have been an insult to NORAD & ADC. Things changed shortly
      > afterwards as the main threat developed ICBMs, and thus the COC in
      > Cheyenne Mountain.
      > Interestingly(since Ent AFB was closed in 1976) it was still listed as
      > a terminal in 1983 & 1985 on the JCS Alerting net(JCSAN) along with
      > Cheyenne Mt; could have been a record error, or?
      I dunno how long Ent sat being it became the USOC training center,
      but this reminds me of something else. Back in 2002 after moving to
      California, one of my Cold War archaeologist priorities was getting up
      to Santa Rosa to see the former FEMA Federal Regional Center, which I'd
      finally placed at the 'bomb dump' at the former Naval Auxillary Air
      Station Santa Rosa. The place was clearly abandoned (turns out it
      was sometime in the early 1990s), but with some neat stuff abandoned
      in-place inside some of the old munitions igloos that DCPA/FEMA had
      occupied since the 1950s. I managed to get inside the igloo that'd been
      the main radio room with again, lot's of evidence that the place had
      been completely abandoned & unused for at least a decade, & for the heck
      of it, I picked-up the handset of the old rotary-dial phone mounted on
      the wall. I can't remember now if I got a dialtone, or just static,
      but that old phone line was still getting power, as-was the old
      intrusion alarm system. Now certainly JCSAN was a wee bit more
      important than that phone at the old, abandoned FEMA site, but there's
      certainly precedent for circuits just being forgotten about & not
      canceled out. I'd like to think with JCSAN though, it was a record error.

      By the way, funny thing about that FEMA Santa Rosa phone is that it's
      phone # was circulating on the web in some of those New World Order
      paranoia web pages as being supporting evidence that the place was still
      in operation (disguised as being abandoned) & having at least 7 levels
      below ground, being used to test psychotropic agents on naked teenage
      runaways, etc.

      > Westover was shown as a terminal on a JCSAN circuit in 1980.
      Perhaps in 1980, Westover still had the U-2 image processing
      facility, was a forward operating base for a PACCS aircraft, had
      bomber/tanker aircraft assigned to SIOP, or their Giant Talk HF/SSB
      station was still in operation?
      > March AFB was a terminal on NEACP & BLUE EAGLE A/G networks in the
      > 1980's,however since the Strawberry Peak GEP is not that far away,
      > March AFB may not have been a GEP but had access via land lines to the
      > networks.
      > Apparantly March AFB was not on JSCAN in the 1980's.
      I think March was a popular NEACP OL when Reagan was in California,
      with AF1 usually flying in to NAS Pt Mugu. Plus it would have often had
      a PACCS plane for 15th AF. I dunno what sort of LOS there was between
      March & Strawberry Peak, in terms of whether there would have been a GEP
      right there at March. Obviously they could plug in the land-lines, but
      even at Offutt AFB the aircraft often burn on MUX while sitting on the

      March certainly should have had JCSAN. They got rid of their Giant
      Talk station well before the 15th AF left. I still have the little
      article that appeared in Air Force Times about it in my files.

      Mike Makar, if you're still on the list, we need your input!! :)


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