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17331Re: Nice old article about original NORAD Combat Ops Center

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  • OZOB99
    Jun 29, 2010
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      > Nothing on Ent was hardened in a fashion similar to the 8th AF (SAC) COC at the Notch, probably because it was so far inland that hardening it would have been an insult to NORAD & ADC. Things changed shortly afterwards as the main threat developed ICBMs, and thus the COC in Cheyenne Mountain.

      Interestingly(since Ent AFB was closed in 1976) it was still listed as a terminal in 1983 & 1985 on the JCS Alerting net(JCSAN) along with Cheyenne Mt; could have been a record error, or?

      Westover was shown as a terminal on a JCSAN circuit in 1980.

      > For the 15th AF (SAC) at March AFB in California, their COC was on-base in a windowless, semi-hardened building, #2605. Other than classifieds & some modern gear removed, much of the COC main room is intact today, unused since 15th AF moved to Travis AFB in 1993. Supposedly it is or is under consideration to become registered as a National Historic Site.

      March AFB was a terminal on NEACP & BLUE EAGLE A/G networks in the 1980's,however since the Strawberry Peak GEP is not that far away, March AFB may not have been a GEP but had access via land lines to the networks.

      Apparantly March AFB was not on JSCAN in the 1980's.
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