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1729Re: [coldwarcomms] Emergency Power from Ships

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  • Matthew Sadler
    Apr 29, 2001
      Somewhat along these lines, railroads have been known to use diesel
      locomotives to supply their shop complexes with power in emergencies, and
      MRL (Montana Rail Link) has begun planning to use some 160 idled locomotives
      to produce electricity to sell on the open market, which they claim they can
      do cheaper than current western sources.

      For information, a model SD40-2 locomotive (very common, produced in the
      mid-70s to mid-80s) produces 1500 amperes at 600 volts DC at full throttle.


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      > Since we're into emergency comm restoration in "disasters" during the
      > cold war and up to the present....what about emergency power for
      > comms(& eveything else essential) during that period & now?...aside
      > from the obvious transportable gas turbine & diesel units, did/does
      > FEMA,the Navy, or any other agency have a plan to use
      > Navy/USCG/Military Sea Transport ships for restoring power to
      > coastline cities like these destroyer escorts did in WW2 & Korea?...
      > as shown on these pages:
      > http://www.de220.com/Conversions/TEG.htm
      > http://www.sunwest-emb.com/wiseman/misc-1.htm
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