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1727Re:Emergency Power from Ships

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  • art maples
    Apr 29, 2001
      It seems to me that about 2 years ago there was a news story about a
      city having serious electric problems and that they had to draw power
      from a ship berthed in their harbor. For some reason I'm thinking it was
      in New Zealand, but my memory is quite suspect.


      As an aside, I was in Newport News photographing the old N.S Savannah
      this winter. She is anchored in the James River with the "Sturgis" which
      was an old WWII Liberty ship that the Army converted into a floating
      nuclear power plant. (She provided power to the Panama Canal grid for a
      number of years). Anyway there was a fair amount of joking that they
      should scrape the rust off of her and send her out to California to help
      them out with their power power problems. You can find some info on the
      Army's "prime-power battalion at
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