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  • Jim Johnson
    Feb 2, 2010
      The loops in the circular array on the ground that you reference are called "Hermes Loop Antennas"...used for HF reception.
      Jim Johnson
      Grand Haven, MI

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      Subject: [coldwarcomms] Re: High Power Radio
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      Date: Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 10:27 AM


      I had the opportunity to visit Truman Annex (for a sailing regatta) about 10 years back and noticed the antennae that others have mentioned. I'm sure they were state of the art for their intended purposes, as mentioned below.

      My question regards the FBIS antenna array that I saw located on the grounds near the beach. Not located on a tower but rather a series of small (maybe 2 feet in diameter) vertical hoops in a distinctive pattern on the ground. I assume they were pointed towards Cuba. AND, I also assume they were used for the "magnetic" field, as opposed to the electric field component of the radio signal(s).

      The question for the group:

      Can anyone educate me as to the advantage of looking at the magnetic component, as opposed to the typical antennae I am used to seeing in normal circumstances?

      Many thanks,

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      > Tom,
      > I had the opportunity to spend a one year ADSW (Active Duty - Special Work) at Key West when it was still JIATF-East.  The antennas you refer to were, indeed, for the purposes of "looking in" on Cuba.  The FBIS had a facility on site which they used to monitor and record Cuban Radio & TV broadcasts, along with other "special interest" programming.  You'll note that the antenna arrangements consist of a number of paired antennas with a total of, if I remember correctly, six sets.  With each pair, one is angled downward while the other is angled upward.  This was to ensure a satisfactory "look angle" as the F layer changed from day to night.  You may draw your own conclusions as to any other signals that were being snatched given the larger CN (Counter Narcotics) mission being carried out by other folks.
      > Jim Johnson
      > Grand Haven, MI
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