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16335Re: [coldwarcomms] High Power Radio

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  • Radioman390@cs.com
    Jan 31, 2010
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      From: Tom Scanlan <tomandsue@...>

      Also, anyone know the purpose of the numerous UHF-TV looking receive antennae on the big self supporting tower in the back of the JTF compound at the NAS Key West site adjacent to Truman Annex? Same with the four vertically polarized log periodic antennae? We're heading down there in a couple weeks....

      I've been there and noticed them too.

      Havana is 90 miles across the water, therefore I would suggest that those antennas are log periodics to pick all sorts of radio signals.
      For the UHF+ frequencies they might have a ship anchored outside the 12 mile limit with receivers which are then upconverted to other freqs for the final hop. Just conjecture on my part.

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