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1614Re: Sage Direction Center Ft Lee, Va(Petersburg 50)

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  • ozob99@yahoo.com
    Apr 6 12:19 PM
      --- In coldwarcomms@y..., mikemeredith2@c... wrote:
      > --- In coldwarcomms@y..., ozob99@y... wrote:
      > > Anyone recall the tactical name for this center?..i'm thinking
      > > "Wedding Bells"..also looking for the site, gap filler or heavy
      > > radar,
      > > that had the height finder(nodding idiot)....was it Cape Charles
      > AFS?
      > > (Z56 or P56).
      > www.radomes.org lists 3 callsigns for Fort Lee: Wedding Bells,
      > Fertile, and Sardine (and Jitney for Cape Charles). And I believe
      > you are correct that the height finder was at Cape Charles (P56).
      > See http://www.radomes.org/acwrons/search.html

      OK thanks...A.H. Grobmeier just clued me in on that site,lots of good
      stuff there...as i was telling him,P50 had an internal fire that
      almost destroyed the place in the 70's i believe.
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