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15093Horn in Cleveland/Terminal Tower links.

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  • David
    Apr 8 10:48 AM
      BTW, the imagery at <http://tinyurl.com/c6gy6x> is amazingly good.

      You can see some kind of dipoles at the catwalk level; and the now-restored
      rope for the flagpole. I've heard that they again hang an Indians pennant
      on game days. Below that are dishes and lots more. If, as I was just told,
      Motorola is no long controlling the building, no telling who knows what is.

      The long-shot Falconcam <http://www.falconcam-cmnh.org/news.php> is on the
      NW leg of the building; about where the [BUS] logo is. The nest is on the
      main structure.

      The WCLV antenna is long gone; they moved out east to I-271 & 480 & built a
      massive tower. Then when Mikey at the FCC & his bosses did away with the
      limits on media ownership in an area; the 95.5 license became worth a LOT
      of money [WCLV had staggered along as one of ~4 commercial classical music
      stations in the country..].

      The remaining owner, Bob Conrad, brokered a seven-way musical-chairs
      frequency swap in 2001, and used that money to fund a non-profit to own the
      station. They moved to a transmitter site in Avon OH, but still have
      studios at 271.

      Years ago, one day the WCLV transmitter literally blew up; tube, power
      supply, etc. They frantically ordered parts, and 3+ days later finally got
      it ready to try. When they started in the lowest power mode, the SWR was
      off-scale. They went out to look at the antenna, and there on the catwalk
      was a 151MHz antenna with the tip burned off. The ~4" HELIAX had a matching
      hole in the side..... You guess whoM might have been there installing such...

      They had a splice for the line, but needed wrenches. It was ~1AM on Monday.
      The co-owner [now dead] was a well known Red Cross Disaster Services
      volunteer, and he knew where to get them -- he went to a firehouse and
      borrowed them. They were back up at 6AM.
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