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12656Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: OT - Bogus 'Citi Bank' Request 12-31-2007

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  • Nathaniel D. Watson
    Jan 1 8:15 AM
      You didn't offend anyone. You sincerely meant well, but there is an
      innumerable amount of these scams out there. Warning about one in specific
      does no good. It is best to tell people to ignore and delete *all* of them.


      on 12/31/07 1:15 PM, kemartinatsnetnet at kemartin@... wrote:

      > That was the reason for the "OT" Off Topic.
      > Didn't mean to offend anyone.
      > Ken
      > --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, Spencer <slholcom@...> wrote:
      >> This is related to cold war/communications how?
      >> John Gleichweit <smokeybehr@...> wrote: I get this kind of
      > crap all the time. Your bank will never send you an
      >> email if there's a problem, especially one with a bogus link.
      >> kemartinatsnetnet wrote:
      >>> Friends,
      >>> If you receive the following or similar email this is a phishing
      >>> request and was not sent by Citi Corp. This is according to Citi
      >>> Corp at 800-950-5114.
      >>> If you get this type of email Citi Corp wants you to forward the
      >>> unmodified email to:
      >>> spoof@...
      >>> Happy holidays,
      >>> Ken
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