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12583Re: geocode/sitename data

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  • dllewiszz
    Dec 9, 2007
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      My experience differs in this regard.

      Even numbered MURs, in my patch, were headed south or west. Odd
      numbered ones headed north or east.
      So, MUR202 MMPHTNMA - NSVLTNMT was the westbound direction of MUR
      201/202 MMPHTNMA - NSVLTNMT, while the eastbound direction of the same
      MUR was MUR 201 MMPHTNMA - NSVLTNMT. Similarly, for MUR 205/206
      IPLSIN01 - LSVLKYCS, the 205 would be northbound and the 206 is
      southbound. Wish I had a batch of old COLR Cards around the house

      Concur on the 1 - 99, 201 - 299 for LL, with 101 - 199 for Associated
      Company systems.

      Cherryville seemed to be one of the more popular "Q" sites (CHVLNJQA)
      in the East. I remember talking to the guys there and their reporting
      that on a clear day they could walk outside and see the NYC skyline.
      Seems that many of the early "Q" sites ended in "Q5000", such as
      FRTNTNQ5000, ARKBMSQ5000 etc...

      > MUR's numbered 1-99, 201-299,et al were LL systems; MUR's 101-199
      > were Associated Company systems; and not related to direction.
      > This same scheme applied to POTS circuit numbers on up thru channel
      > group,SG,etc.
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