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12527Re: Newspaper article about AT&T Medina, OH hardened site

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  • lasertower
    Nov 14, 2007
      > Hmm, ~40 miles -- is that the right distance for a power station,

      Some day David and I should take a visit to a abandoned early
      microwave site I know of near Edinburg and see if the farmer who owns
      it would give us a tour, it has some nice yellow (or did as of last
      winter) steel housings about 4 feet tall and maybe 24" in diameter
      outside that look like blast detectors. Since Akron and Cleveland at
      one time were targets for megatons, it would be about the right
      distance for a survivable detector site. The small building is
      remarkably intact but the tower is down, however the dishes for a
      reflector style tower are still on the roof. I've never gotten
      closer then 1000 feet as he has some very paranoid neighbors who
      asked me what I was doing looking at the property from my stopped

      I think what they are refering to as Hiram is Shalersville, and
      perhaps at one time that tower had a underground next to it? The L
      carrier map showes a line very close to the microwave site which now
      is dehorned, but is a small cell site, a larger tower (Shalersville
      2) a few hundred feet down the road now houses some interesting
      things. I've drove all around the Hiram college campus 13 years ago
      chasing after my high school sweetheart, and never saw anything
      remotely like a carrier hut.

      Also near Lake Milton is a interesting (former?)Sprint site with a
      underground, ie the tower is on a small fenced in lot with a concrete
      covered staircase down to the electronics bays. It had conical horns
      until this summer, then it was switched over to newer modern tiny

      I have no telco friends in the area, so I have nobody to ask about

      Steve Roberts
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