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1251re: [coldwarcomms] Northstar Network (New GEP sites)

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Oct 3, 2000

      That's a great map! And the study has a lot of fascinating information.
      Thanks for posting it.

      Mark Foster has a web page showing the Waldorf facility, including a nice
      view of the GEP antennas, at http://www1.shore.net/~mfoster/Waldorf.htm .


      >Here is a pic of the new GEP system.
      >Quite a change from the old setup with the E/F sites.
      I> added a STUDY to my NCA 2000 web site that describes the
      >system in greater detail.
      >Bill Boltinghouse
      >ex-USAF Security Service
      >301x3 & 328x3 In-Flight ECM Repairman
      >EC-47 * RC-130BII * RC-135
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