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12482Re: AT&T Chatham, NC Project Office

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  • mbella42
    Nov 1, 2007
      A friend who grew up within a mile or so of this place was confronted
      when he and a friend wandered to close to the perimeter, I guess that
      would have been early-80s. Thats about the only reason I'd have to
      think the site would be aggressively secured. I used to work at the
      KRSOC at Kunia on Oahu, and the MPs there were not too friendly about
      vehicles that turned into the wrong driveway so to speak. Maybe they
      were just bored from guarding site in such a laid-back location?

      > What makes you think that a site like that these days would have any
      sort of
      > "security staff," and especially enough security personnel where
      they then
      > could have sent a quick-reaction team out to "harass" some
      > I've certainly been known to 'pass a tres' in the name of bunker
      nerdiness, but
      > by doing so, Evans & I are the ones doing the harassing, and any
      > forces would just be doing their job.
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