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12267Re: [coldwarcomms] Alright, submarine enthusiasts--answer a question--if it is not classiffied...

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  • John Flood
    Sep 6, 2007
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      I've got a small dent in the front of my car, does this have an effect on
      the police radar?
      Sorry, couldn't help it//j o h n

      On 9/6/07, Declared_Hostile <Declared_Hostile@...> wrote:
      > sharroldgc wrote:
      > >
      > > Which one got the dent? That's my question. Russian steel against
      > > American steel plateing.
      > Depends on who hit who and where and who was driving what I would think.
      > I believe several of Russian subs hulls were made from titanium The
      > Alpha class fast attacks boats, the Sierra class attack boats and I
      > think their huge Typhoon boomers had titanium pressure hulls.
      > There should be a few pictures floating round out there on the net of US
      > and Russian subs with bow or sail damage. Bumping was not unheard of in
      > the game of cat and mouse they played in the dark.
      > DH

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