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12249Re: Alright, submarine enthusiasts--answer a question--if it is not classiffied...

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  • Tom
    Sep 5, 2007
      structurally a dent on the front would create a tremendous
      amount of cavitation.making it more difficult to be stealthy
      communication wise the elf and main sonar array is installed
      in the front any damage to the hull could result in pitch shift or
      deflection and more importantly could result in
      false sonar readings and distorted messaging capabilities.

      --- In coldwarcomms@yahoogroups.com, Spencer <slholcom@...> wrote:
      > and this dent relates to communication, how?
      > sharroldgc <sharroldgc@...> wrote: Let me access my
      files, let me access my
      > data...accessing....massing...imformation systems up--covalencing
      > target--access..
      > Which one got the dent? That's my question. Russian steel against
      > American steel plateing.
      > 7/8ths of the way through the cold war, there was a submarine
      > incident. Didn't get much press. A little embarrassing. In the
      > Atlantic there were two submarines, a soviet nuclear submarine,
      and an
      > American nuclear submarine. Both were on patrol Ok. Well they
      > vectored, and they vectored--until they were coming at each other
      > on. Neither one of them would get out of the others way! So they
      > rammed each other in the North Atlantic. You see, we were so
      > stubborn...And the Russians were so stubborn, that nobody would
      > the other the right of way, because neither of them would grant the
      > right of way to the other. So they rammed each other.
      > Now, if I had more rank, if I was their commanding officer, I
      > would have court marshaled that American captain. If I was
      Russian, I
      > would have court Marshalled the Russian captain. For one, for
      > jeapordizing so many lives--and the other, for taking liberties
      > such an expensive piece of equipment.
      > They are so stubborn, they just ram two submarines into each
      > other out in the middle of nowhere.
      > Now according to the report, one of those submarines got a dent
      > in the hull. So, do we have a nuclear submarine, in the American
      > fleet, riding around with a dent in it's nose? Or did the Russians
      > home with a dent? Does anybody know this information. Do we have a
      > submarine with a big scratch on it? A little scar? A little brush
      > the Russians. A reminder? If you don't want to answer the question,
      > it's ok. s.
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