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11809Re: [coldwarcomms] AT&T route map from 1898

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  • Matthew S. Smith
    Jun 9, 2007
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      Are you using a pop-up blocker? I'm using one with Mozilla and it
      wouldn't work there, but it worked fine under IE (with no blocker). Once
      you can get that to work, there's an option for downloading the full
      image and a viewer (MrSID). Makes for a much quicker way to pan/zoom
      that the browser version (at least on my pseudo-broadband connection).


      blitz wrote:

      > Tried three different browsers, and cant get it to enlarge.
      > Albert LaFrance wrote:
      > > Keith Cheshire contributed this link to a high-quality, zoomable
      > scan of a detailed route map of the
      > > eastern half of the US. I was surprised by how extensive the network
      > was at that early date.
      > > http://www.davidrum sey.com/detail? id=1-1-1430- 190077&name=
      > Lines+And+ Metallic+ Circuit+Connecti ons
      > <http://www.davidrumsey.com/detail?id=1-1-1430-190077&name=Lines+And+Metallic+Circuit+Connections>
      > >
      > > Albert LaFrance
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