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  • John Bass
    Dec 7 4:40 PM
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      Unfortunately, I never really considered that part of the era even *that* interesting, although a number of my friends got caught up in the fairy tale that it's ok to steal from big corporations, just like Robinhood. I found John to be an interesting character, dispite his Capain Crunch fame, as he was active in various computer things in SV. I would like to track down a common friend, JoanM with either John's or Criag's help.

      I've never subscribed to the thefts, even in it's current form of stealing from the recording labels and movie industries via pirating.

      blitz <blitz@...> wrote:
      lived thru blueboxing up...that's about where "I"
      draw the line of antiquity, SxS switches were the
      nuts in their days...If you knew how to do MF
      tones, and get a trunk to Britain while you were
      eating your captain crunch, you've got the time frame. :-D

      Have a burning question? Go to Yahoo! Answers and get answers from real people who know.

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