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11072Re: [coldwarcomms] Re: Boeing EC-135 Looking Glass aircraft

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  • superc
    Nov 6, 2006
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      I would disagree, or add the caveat, only as they applied to the Cold War. What
      happened or happens after 1992 or so is, in my opinion, beyond the intended ken of this
      Yahoo group. If I write of Golf class diesel subs and Soviet problems with commo and
      control of them, or even PAL A devices, that is a Cold War topic. I truly doubt that
      anyone here, even if they had some knowledge, would (or should) be willing to discuss
      current PALs or current control methodologies. When we write of DES cryptography we are
      in Cold War commo methods, when however we discuss triple DES, or modern encryption keys
      a decade beyond the capability of the 286 or the 486 that sat on our desks in that era,
      or commo in the upper double digit giga band we have left the arena of the Cold War and
      are now talking about things we should not talk about.

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      > Agreed that posts should remain on the topics of the list, but I
      > understood this thread was about communications of aircraft,
      > their security and reliability, which, if I understand the field, are
      > the primary requirements of communications of whatever era
      > and field of interest.
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