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10727REPOST: [coldwarcomms] Western Union & Mt Weather

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  • Albert LaFrance
    Sep 20, 2006
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      From: "Steve" <steve.kudlak@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 6:00 PM
      Subject: Re: [coldwarcomms] Western Union & Mt Weather

      I wonder if Cryptome folks have been doing anything with their eyenall
      series on places like Mt. Weather. I remember they were the group of
      folks that did "Eyeball" series of pictures of all sorts of secret
      places from the air and other info. Including after "Total Information
      Awareness" which my old employers DARPA were going to fire up, pictures
      of Adm Pointdester's house fro the air and his address and phone number
      etc. I 5think they had something aboutr "Cheyney's hiding place" or
      something like that.

      Have Fun,
      Sends Steve

      ozob99 wrote:

      > Interestingly Western Union was the 1st telcom company on Mt Weather;
      > when a Weather Bureau station was established around 1902. Off topic
      > factoid: a kite flying world record was set there in the early 1900's
      > of 23,000+ feet.

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