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Bain Wolfkind & C.O.T.A. Live in CA July 14th

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  • Merrick Testerman
    Saturday, July 14th BAIN WOLFKIND & C.O.T.A. Live @ Que Sera 1923 East 7th Street Long Beach, CA 90813 (562) 599-6170 Doors @ 8pm / $7.00 21 + over
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2012
      Saturday, July 14th

      BAIN WOLFKIND & C.O.T.A. Live

      @ Que Sera
      1923 East 7th Street
      Long Beach, CA 90813
      (562) 599-6170

      Doors @ 8pm / $7.00
      21 + over


      Join us as sonicksorcery & Aural Apocalypse present an evening to
      remember with the dark joyrides of Australia's Bain Wolfkind, with
      support from C.O.T.A., and DJs Merrick, Baron, and Thee Gabe

      With musical roots dating back to the late 1980's and involvement in
      numerous groups in Australia and Europe, Bain Wolfkind, after being
      rejected from membership of the Sinn Fein political party, emerged
      from the bottom of a bottle of Brian Boru Vodka, washed up and
      betrayed in Dublin, Ireland, in the early years of the new century.

      Back on the fatal shore in 2004, Wolfkind recorded the self produced
      ‘Love Letters’ 7 inch EP coinciding with the honour of being support
      act for Psychic TV 3 in Vienna, followed by 2005’s full length Cd and
      12 inch release ‘Music For Lovers and Gangsters’, 2006’s ‘Confidential
      Report’ 7 inch EP , 2007’s ‘Wasteland’ MCD EP, 2008’s,‘The Swamp
      Angel’ Cd and his most recent release, 2012's, 'Lone Wolf', 6 track.
      MCD EP. Currently based in Sydney Australia Bain Wolfkind performs
      sporadic live shows in Australia, The United States, Europe, Japan and
      South East Asia.

      The music of Bain Wolfkind could be described as a minimalised and
      post-industrialised version of artists like Lee Hazlewood with dark
      brooding vocals and slow blues,rock,country,psychedelic,cinematic,
      surf, swamp and electronic overtones.The lyrical content draws heavily
      from Crime Fiction, Blues, Country and B grade Cinema and
      Americana.While primarily a solo project, in the singer songwriter
      vein, Bain Wolfkind involves many guest musicians in the studio and
      guitarists for live performances.

      C.O.T.A. has just released a new full-length album titled, “New
      Mythologies.” This release encompasses a carefully crafted blend of
      material recorded over the last seven years. It takes off where
      “Ta’wil” and “Marches and Meditations” left off and spirals into a new
      mix of post-urban audio journeys. This release presents ideas and
      sounds that attempt to address humankind’s struggle to come to terms
      with the new dichotomies between the local and the global and our
      shared relationship with nature. It is a reintroduction of an old way
      of living into the global village, to build a new sustainability and
      mutual understanding. C.O.T.A. uses sound as a vessel for creating
      trance/ritual states that rekindle the ancient collective memory.
      Inspired by intense outdoor and ritual experiences, we strive to
      convey deep seeded interest in deep ecology and new mythologies. Sound
      is the transmitter, which conveys the power and intensity of
      excursions into the wilds. Much of the artwork utilized is a direct
      result of such infused states—an attempt to convey some mythological
      or archetypal experience. Musick for a return to the Garden and a
      post-urban way of life!

      Pick up a copy of our new release at http://www.sonicksorcery.com/ or
      through the good folks at Tesco-Germany

      Aural Apocalypse
      A Soundtrack for the Final Days
      with DJ Merrick
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