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  • Lord Gorgoroth
    ************************************************************************** OMS Records Sergey Svistelnik P.O. Box 21 - 10020 Zhitomir - Ukraine general info:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2008
      OMS Records
      Sergey Svistelnik
      P.O. Box 21 - 10020 Zhitomir - Ukraine

      general info: mblg_tavr@... (temp. e-mail due to website down)
      mailorder: mblg_tavr@...
      official website: http://u-d-s.org (is dead so far)
      myspace: http://myspace.com/ukrainiandarksyndicate



      A CROWN OF LIGHT "The clearing" CD (Eibon Records)
      BARDOSENETICCUBE & IGOR V. PETROV "The Perpetuum Mobile Space Vehicle" digi-CD (Mechanoise Labs)
      BARZEL "Born to destroy amalek" CD (Topheth prophet)
      CHRISTIAN RENOU "Seven kisses" (EE Tapes)
      CISFINITUM "Tactio" digi-CD (Mechanoise Labs)
      CLOP NEPLAT "CD1" CD (Demonosound)
      CLOSING THE ETERNITY and AD LUX TENEBRAE "Nearby Being" digi-CD (Epidemie Records)
      DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED "Septentrion" CD (Cold Meat Industry)
      EMBERSREICH "Sturme fur ein Ende" CD-r (Morpic Field Resonance)
      filivs macrocosmi "STALKER" CD (OMS Records)
      FIN DE SIECLE "Sans Titre" CD (Divine Comedy)
      first human ferro "corona astralis" CD (OMS Records)
      IGOR KRUTOGOLOV "White" CD (Topheth prophet)
      KARSTEN HAMRE / VLAD JECAN "Enter Inside" CD (Wroth Emmiter)
      KRYPTOGEN RUNDFUNK "22.SZ" CD (Mechanoise Labs)
      LYSERGENE "Critical Mass" CD (Aesthetic Death)
      MAJDANEK WALTZ "О происхождении мира" CD (Wroth Emmiter)
      MARIAE NASCENTI "Morituri te salutant" CD (FinalMuzik)
      OLHON "Underwater passage" digi-CD (Eibon)
      OVRO "Vipera aurea / Mosaick the serpent" CD (Some Place Else)
      NECROPHORUS "Imprints" CD (Wrotycz)
      SCREENING "Low End" CD (Maor Appelbaum Productions)
      SIMULACRUM "Anti Matter Society" CD (Weird Amplexus)
      STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES "Light Reflected From A Cold Cutting Table" CD (Pain Compliance Productions)
      TAPIO KOTKAVUORI "Terra hyperborea" CD (Gemina Stella)
      TEHO TEARDO "Tower/microphone" CD (FinalMuzik)
      TODD FLETCHER "Star" CD (Arya)
      TSARAAS "Шепот зарытых сердец" CD (Wroth Emmiter)
      YURI ELIK / GOSHA SOLNZEV "Voices of the Dead" DVD-r (Zhelezobeton)
      V.A. "Like Music to their Ears Volume 2" CD (Mechanoise Labs)
      V.A. "Noise. il" CD (Topheth prophet)
      V.A. "Table For Six: All Quiet? Volume II" CD (EE Tapes)
      V.A. "The Walls Are Whispering... Volume II" CD (EE Tapes)
      V.A. "The Walls Are Whispering... Volume III" CD (EE Tapes)
      V.A. "...with eyes wide open for a brighter future..." CD (House of the Last Light)
      V.A. "ENERGIA" digi-CD (OMS Records)


      FLAYING "Commandments - Violated" mCD (Epidemie Records)
      *brutal death-grind from Latvia
      FLEURETY "Min Tid Skal Komme" 2xLP (Aesthetic Death)
      *avangarde black metal
      GORELORD / WURDULAK "Creature Feature Part II" mCD (Red Stream)
      * Underground elitists WURDULAK (featuring Maniac-Mayhem, Killjoy-Necrophagia, Iscariah- ex-Immortal and Jehmod-Bloodthorn) and the forever rotting GORELORD puke up another split of blood drenched Black & Death Metal.
      GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE "s/t" digi-CD (Epidemie Records)
      *gloomy sludge / metal / hardcore
      HEAVY LORD "Chained To The World" CD (Solitude Prod.)
      *sludge doom from Netherlands
      STUMM "I" CD (Aesthetic Death)
      *ultra-slow sludge doom from Finland
      WRECK OF THE HESPERUS "The Sunken Treshold" CD (Aesthetic Death)
      *funeral doom


      ABANDONED PLACE "Shadow Of Memory" sleeve-CD (Thonar)
      A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR "Monuments" CD (Vrihaspati)
      ARBEIT "Zum einem neuen Licht" digi-CD (Autumn Wind Productions)
      BLEIBURG "Pieces Of A Broken Dream" 2xCD (ColdSpring)
      CRUELTY CAMPAING "Distressed Signals" digi-CD (Tesco)
      DEAD MAN`S HILL "Dog Burial" CD (Old Europa Cafe)
      DEATHPILE "G.R" CD (Hospital)
      FALSE MIRROR "North" CD (Thonar)
      FOLKSTORM "Folkmusik" digi-CD (Old Europa Cafe)
      GRUNT "Trite" DVD-r (Freak Animal)
      JANITOR "Qumran 4-ever" digi-CD (Tesco)
      KANIBA "THE SERPENT, the Omega and Completion of the First Circle" CD (Autumn Wind Productions)
      NOCTURNE "Fleisch und Metall" CD (Steinklang)
      NOCTURNE "Terroriser Manipuler Convaincre" CD+DVD-r (Old Europa Cafe)
      O QUAM TRISTIS "Meditations Ultimes" CD (Palace of Worms)
      ORGANIZED RESISTANCE "Day of the Rope" CD (Freak Animal)
      PANTHEON LEGIO MUSICA - "Per Aspera ad Astra" digi-CD (Thonar)
      PHRAGMENTS "The Burning World" CD (The Eastern Front)
      POST SCRIPTUM "Raspad" digi-CD (Tesco)
      SEELENTHRON "Wege" digi-CD (Heimatfolk)
      STURM "Le Prix Du Sang Et Des Larmes" CD (War Office Propaganda)
      V.A. "Pere Lachaise" CD (Steinklang & Divine Comedy)

      Ask for prices and possible discounts or visit:


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