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Death In June, Blutharsch rare vinyl sale

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  • dicasmihi
    Summer Sale Pleae note: private collection, most items in (near) mint condition Fix prices, no ebay, no offers. Prices on demand offline per e-mail via:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2008
      Summer Sale

      Pleae note: private collection, most items in (near) mint condition

      Fix prices, no ebay, no offers. Prices on demand offline per e-mail via:



      Paypal is welcome.


      Heaven Street 12" (2nd edition, white cover)

      The Guilty Have No Pride (LP, raw/structure cover)

      Burial (LP, pink-flesh colored vinyl, high-gloss cover, no embossed

      Come Before Christ And Murder Love (12", silver embossed totenkopf)

      Dogs Blood Order (10", w. Current 93, live and very rare tracks,
      gate-fold cover, handnumbered "153/500"

      Lesson 1: Misanthropy (LP, raw/structure cover, insert)

      Night And Fog (LP, live, red vinyl, structure cover)

      Oh How We Laughed (LP, live, 1st edition, blue-golden cover)

      Oh How We Laughed (LP, live, 2nd edition, black cover with Pig Drummer)

      NADA! (LP, 1st edition, brown highgloss-structure cover, blue insert
      with Whip-Hand)

      NADA! (LP, picture - disc)

      Live In Japan (LP, one-sided, insert, Supernatural/NER1989)

      Born Again (12", Whip Hand-structure cover)

      Born Again (12" picture-disc)

      The World That Summer (DoLP, gate-fold structure cover)

      Brown Book (LP, 1st edition, golden embossed letters, Soldier insert)

      Brown Book (LP, picture - disc)

      To Drown A Rose (10"

      1888 (LP, split with C93, black vinyl, structure gate-fold cover)

      The Wäll Öf Säcrifice (LP, yellow cover, black vinyl, insert)

      Flowers Of Autumn (LP, live, white vinyl, gate-fold cover)

      Flowers Of Autumn (LP, test pressing, black vinyl, hand copy insert,
      no cover)

      The Cathedral Of Tears (12", picture - disc)

      Occidental Martyr (10"

      But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter (LP, 1st edition, black vinyl,
      double insert)

      This Is Not Paradise (12", hand-signed insert)

      Rose Clouds Of Holocaust (LP, black vinyl, insert)

      Sun Dogs (7"

      Black Whole Of Love - Box (postcard, envelope, 1x12", 1x10", 1x7",
      1xCD, insert)

      Death In June presents KAPO! (LP, red- clear vinyl)

      The March Of The Lonely (7", live, black vinyl, 4-side gate-fold
      structure grey, handnumbered "144/200"

      Take Care And Control (LP, grey-clear vinyl, NER/World Serpent
      edition, hand-signed, and hand-numbered "982"

      Operation Hummingbird (LP, 1x poster, 2x postcards)

      Death In June & Fire + Ice - She Said Destroy (7", blue clear vinyl)

      All Pigs Must Die (LP, colored vinyl, insert)

      Death In June & Boyd Rice - Alarm Agents (LP; green vinyl)

      Abandon Tracks (DoLP, high gloss gate-fold cover, golden embossed letters)

      Unconditional Armistice (CD in round metal box with paper cover,
      original corded, hand signed by Douglas P., Albin Julius, Boyd Rice,
      John Murphy)


      DEATH IN JUNE Merch & Misc:

      Live 2000 Jena/Kemenate Orlamünde (inofficial private VHS video)

      T-Shirt (white w. red letters and "Brown Book" soldier, size XL)

      Death In June - Fahne/Flag (silver Totenkopf on black cloth, orignal
      famous stage deco, never commercially used!!!)

      Button (Totenkopf white on black background)

      Button (WHip Hand white on black background)

      Pin (golden metal with enamel, Totenkopf in Raute)


      Boyd Rice & Friends:

      Wolf Pact (LP, grey vinyl, golden embossed letters)

      Heaven Sent (DoLP; red vinyl, insert, gate-fold cover)


      Der Blutharsch:

      Gold gab ich für Eisen (VHS + MCD)


      Sixth Comm:

      Morthogenesis (LP)

      Asylum (LP)


      Les Joyaux De La Princesse:

      Croix de Feu/Croix de Bois (10", picture - disc)


      Throbbing Gristle:

      Mission Of Dead Souls (LP, Mute)

      Dimensia In Excelsis (LP, live, insert)

      In the Shadow of the Sun (LP; Soundtrack to Derek Jarmen's movie)


      Psychic TV:

      Force The Hand Of Chance (LP)


      Current 93:

      Lashtal (LP)

      The Red Face Of God/The Breath And Pain Of God (12"

      Nighmare Culture (LP, w. Sickness Of Snakes)

      Ballad Of The Pale Girl (12", w. Nurse With Wound)

      No Hiding From The Blackbird (7", w. Nurse With Wound)

      Dogs Blood Order (LP, red clear vinyl)

      Since Yesterday (VHS)


      Sol Invictus:

      The Hill Of Cross (LP, insert)
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