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Reality Check for Data Mining

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  • zoomember
    Please note the November issue of SecondMoment has been posted at http://www.secondmoment.org , a Web site
    Message 1 of 720 , Nov 1, 2000
      Please note the November issue of SecondMoment
      has been posted at <a href=http://www.secondmoment.org target=new>http://www.secondmoment.org</a> , a
      Web site for analysts and academics in the field of
      applied statistics. This month we are featuring a
      discussion with Dr. Hal White on the subject of Reality
      Check for data mining, a follow-up to last month�s
      discussion on artificial neural networks. As always we
      welcome your comments, and invite you to submit any
      papers or articles you would like to share with our
    • charles_w_2000
      ... http://www.balametrics.com/ http://www.infinitywalk.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elliptical_trainer
      Message 720 of 720 , Dec 5, 2012
        --- In cognitiveneuroscienceforum@yahoogroups.com, volleyball_scientist wrote:
        > Hi there - is anyone attending SFN... - would like to get in touch with potential attendees - especially those in vision/visuo-motor integration



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